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PUBLICATION PLAN pursuant to the Right of Access to Public Sector Information Law Of 2017(Law 184(Ι)/2017 as amended)

This Publication Plan was prepared by the Water Board of Larnaka pursuant to article 7 of the Right of Access to Public Sector Information Law Of 2017 (Law 184 (I)/2017 as amended). Relevant is the Circular of the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection no. 03/2018 dated 04.09.2018.

The Table below contains all available information that is either accessible to the public directly and free of charge from the Water Board of Larnaka website (hereinafter LWB), or sent to the applicant consumer upon request and payment of a fee, provided that:

  • It does not contain personal data (as defined by the current legislation on personal data protection) and
  • It is not information which is excluded according to Section III of Law 184 (I)/2017

Most of the information that a consumer has access to is published or will be published and is freely accessible, on the LWB website. The information which is mentioned in the Table below and which is available to the public upon request, interested parties must request it with their signed application, which can be obtained either from the LWB website or from its offices.

Applications will be emailed to LWB responsible official, as designated below, or submitted at the LWB cashiers in person by the interested party and transferred by the LWB staff to the responsible official for processing. The prescribed fee (if provided) must be paid for the processing of the application. The interested party should address LWB and must indicate in their application all the elements defined in article 9 of Law 184(I)/2017 (as amended) and specifically:

(a) Full name of applicant.

(b) Contact address and email or telephone.

(c) Description of the requested information and if also requested an affirmative or negative confirmation of possession of the information or affirmation or rejection as to the provision of the information. In the event of vague and general requests the applications will be rejected.

(d) Method of Access to the Information: (1) Printed copy (2) Access of the applicant directly to the records (3) overview and summary of the information in printed form. There is also a choice of collection from LWB or by post to a designated address.
Requests pertaining to requesting only the confirmation or refusal of LWB regarding its possession of public information are submitted free of charge.

If there is a charge, the application will be processed only after the completion of the payment. After the payment, the responsible official processes the request and responds within thirty (30) days, unless otherwise specified in the relevant Law or Regulation. The reply may be either positive by sending the information or access instructions or negative with the provision of the corresponding reasoning.

In addition, the responsible official will contact the applicant whenever further information is needed to process the application. If the applicant does not provide the information, if it is deemed crucial to the processing of the application, it is rejected (indicatively, if the applicant cannot be identified, or if no way of communicating or sending the information is specified or if it is not specified for which information access is requested).

For the processing of such requests, the designated responsible official is Ms. Iliana Panagi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Categories of Information

Access Method

Charges (Free/With a fee payment)

Legislative Framework




General Information, Vision and Mission




Cultural Offerings




Water Supply Areas




Reservoir Storage Information




Customer Service (Applications, Plot Divisions etc.)




Water Usage & Other Charges


https://lwb.org.cy/en/charges-and-fees.html, https://lwb.org.cy/en/charges-and-fees.html  


Organizational Chart








Internal Policies, Procedures, Circulars of the Board

Internal Procedures and Circulars on issues directly affecting consumers (i.e. procedure for granting a discount for underground leakage) are not published. They are provided only upon request, subject to the fact that they do not contain personal data of a third party and do not constitute the information excluded according to Section III of Law 184(I)/2017.

The cost will be considered according to the request

Contact Information




Public Procurement & Green Procurement, Employee Vacancies


https://www.eprocurement.gov.cy/epps/home.do , https://lwb.org.cy/en/tenders/green-procurement.html, https://lwb.org.cy/en/about-larnaca-water-board/larnaca-water-board-info/employee-vacancies.html


Tender Awards




Annual Reports





Application in accordance with Law 184(I)2017