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25 July 2014

Dear customers,

Due to the prolonged drought period in Cyprus the balance between available water supply and actual demand was pushed to its limits for another year. The available quantities of water are not enough to fully cater for our needs. This is why the Government has announced restrictions to water supply for irrigation purposes.

Although these restriction measures are limited, for the time being, to irrigation, it is required by all of us to take all the necessary measures to save water and avoid its irrational waste.

To safeguard against water waste the Water Board of Larnaca is obliged to enforce the requirements of the Water Saving (Special Measures) Law. In accordance with the Law the use of a hose for cleaning road pavements, verandas, fences or cars is strictly prohibited. Anyone who violates the Law is guilty of criminal offence and, in case of conviction, can be sentenced to a maximum of three month imprisonment or to a maximum penalty of €513 or to both punishments. Out of court settlement can be made with the payment of a €51 fine to the Board.

Water resources are limited in Cyprus. Save water for your own benefit and for the future generations.