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Dear customers.

Undertaking of the water supply of the Municipality of Aradippou by the Water Board of Larnaka

We hereby inform you that, following a decision of the Council of Ministers and an agreement reached between the Water Board of Larnaka (LWB) and the Municipality of Aradippou, from 22 June 2020, the water supply services in the Municipality are undertaken by the LWB.

So we welcome you to the large family of consumers of the LWB and we assure you that the Board will ensure that your service is provided in the best possible way, satisfying your needs with quality water at the lowest possible prices.

At the same time, please be informed about the following important issues:

General Information - Communication
For any information or explanation you would like you can contact the Consumer Service Department of the Board at 24200500, visit our offices located at 12 Adamantiou Korai, 6010 Larnaka, or visit the Board's website www.lwb.org.

Through our Automated Phone Attendant, select one of the following categories, depending on your needs.

  • Accounts (Invoices) and Customer Service (Select 2)
  • Leak and Damage Reports (Select 3)
  • Technical Service (new installations, plot division, etc.) (Select 4)

For any emergency, outside our normal working hours, you can call 24200555.

Web Portal
Consumers of the LWB can also be served through the Board’s website. Please visit our website for more information regarding our Web Portal or email our customer service desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Water bills issued by the Municipality of Aradippou and overdue debts
These bills and your old debts must be paid to the Municipality of Aradippou. The Board will not accept payments for these bills.

Water Bills
The water bills will be issued by the LWB based on the Water Rates applicable to all LWB customers.  The bills are sent quarterly and are payable via Banking Institutions (within the specified time frame), the Board’s Offices, as well as via the Internet from the Board’s website at www.lwb.org.cy (via Jccsmart) and via the Internet Banking available from your bank.
You can of course request, if you wish, for your bills to be automatically paid through a Direct Debit bank order.   Please visit our offices with a copy of your bank account, showing the IBAN number, to activate a new Direct Debit bank order.  Consumers who do not pay their bills by Direct Debit are urged to choose this automated payment method.  This will relieve them of the worries to settle their bills in a timely manner and the inconvenience of having to visit cash registers of the LWB.

Existing Direct Debit bank orders
The existing Direct Debit bank orders for payment of water bills of the Municipality of Aradippou will be transferred to the LWB and will continue to be in effect.  If consumers wish to cancel them please contact our Customer Service Department in a timely manner.
Dispatching of Bills by email and SMS messages
The LWB can send your Bills via email instead of postal services. A prerequisite is your consent by the signing of a specific form, which is available at the offices and on the Board's website. For additional information on issues such as unpaid bills, water supply interruption, water supply interruption in a specific area, etc., you can receive SMS messages on your phone. Therefore, we recommend that you adopt the above facilities for your better and faster service. For your immediate service please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.

Tariff Allocation
The LWB has allocated consumers based on their consumption and tariff history in the Municipality of Aradippou as follows:

  • Household Consumers - Tariff A (Household consumption tariff).
  • Consumers of commercial and industrial installations. Properties with an average consumption of less than 120 cubic meters of water per quarter have been allocated to Tariff A.   Properties with an average consumption between 120 cubic meters and 1100 cubic meters of water per quarter have been allocated to Tariff B.  Properties with an average consumption of more than 1100 cubic meters of water per quarter have been allocated to Tariff C.

    It is understood that the allocation of the above consumers to Tariffs B and C presupposes their consent and the deposit of a relevant guarantee, as provided by the Regulations of the LWB. If Tariffs B or C are selected, consumers are obliged to remain in the selected Tariff for a period of at least 12 consecutive months.

  • Tariff for vulnerable groups of the population. The LWB maintains a separate Tariff for vulnerable groups of the population such as beneficiaries of the minimum guaranteed income, recipients of certain public benefits, recipients of the heavy disability allowance, recipients of low-income pensions, recipients of care allowance,  recipients of blind allowance, large family or a family of five receiving a child allowance. Consumers who fall into the above categories should visit the Customer Service Department of the LWB, presenting a recent relevant confirmation that they are the recipients of any one of the above allowances.

The Board does not offer water for purposes other than drinking. Customers of the Municipality of Aradippou to whom non-drinking water is provided will continue to be served by the Municipality.

Those consumers who have submitted a guarantee payment to the Municipality of Aradippou should contact the Municipality of Aradippou for the return of their guarantee, as these amounts have not been transferred in their faith to the LWB.

Property owners, whose properties are being used by tenants, are urged to ensure that their tenants deposit a new guarantee to the LWB, as the owner of the property is jointly and severally liable for the payment of any amount due by the Tenant and not settled.

Early payment of bills
Please be sure to pay your bills on time, as any delay in the payment of the water bill will result in an additional surcharge of 10% based on the existing LWB Regulations and a subsequent delay may result in the disconnection of your Water Supply and the necessity to pay a reconnection fee. 

Water Fees and Charges
Visit the Board's website to see the Charges and Fees applicable.

Note for Apartments - Central Meter Charges
The LWB does not issue a separate account for the consumption difference between the check meter and the individual meters of Apartment blocks. This difference is charged to the individual properties in proportion to their consumption. We urge the management committees to request the installation of an independent meter where there are significant shared needs for watering of gardens, filling swimming pools, etc.

Personal Data
The LWB maintains files, which include personal data of consumers for the purpose of providing services based on the Law and the Regulations. These files are being processed in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Individuals Against the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Circulation of these Data Law of 2018. For full information, we refer you to the Privacy Policy of the LWB that is posted on our official website www.lwb.org.cy.

For this purpose, we inform you that during any Service Request by the Board you must document that you are the registered user and / or owner of the property by presenting your identity. In case the Property is not in your name, you must submit to the Board the necessary evidence (title deed, rental document, etc. depending on the case) in order to update the Boards's files and be served.

We are at your disposal for any further information or service you need.

Water is valuable. Save it.  It is for your benefit!

June 2020