2017 - Νew Regulations of the Water Board of Larnaka

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that the new Regulations of the Water Board of Larnaka (WBL) that have been recently published and are implemented since 4th September 2017 include, inter alia, the following important provisions:

(i)    No increase of the existing water charges (Tariffs "A", "B" and "C") despite the fact that the wholesale price of water as charged by the Water Development Department has been increased by 5 cents per cubic meter, an amount that represents resource and environmental costs.  Resource and environmental costs, which the WBL returns to the Water Development Department, is listed separately in the new water bills issued by the WBL, for information purposes.

(ii)    Reduction of the water charge for domestic use (Tariff "A") for quarterly consumption beyond 90 cubic metres from € 5,00/m3 to € 3,00/m3, in order not to penalise consumers when they fail to detect in advance leaks from their plumbing installations.  The WBL considers that the fee of € 3,00/m3 is still a deterrent when there is undue wastage of water.

(iii)    Introduction of a new Tariff "D" for Vulnerable Consumers, as these are specified in the Third Table of the Regulations, who will benefit from reduced fees in comparison with Tariff "A" charges for domestic use. For a consumer to be included in Tariff "D" he must submit the relevant application at the Board’s offices, which will be examined in connection with the Regulations and the relevant criteria set out from time to time by the WBL.  The beneficiaries will then need to present every 2 months updated information documents to prove that they continue to belong to the category of Vulnerable Consumers.

(iv)    Introduction of a new Tariff "E" for water used in public or community playgrounds or green spaces or for firefighting purposes or for aerial spraying.  For a consumer to be included in Tariff "E" he must submit the relevant application at the Board’s offices, which will be examined in accordance with the Regulations and the relevant criteria set out from time to time by the WBL.

(v)    Revision of the building area fees to €1,20 per square metre regardless of the size of the building, an amount that represents the current cost of the Board for the connection of new consumers to the water supply network.  It is considered that the reduction of these fees will constitute yet another incentive for promoting growth and development within the water supply area of the WBL.

(vi)    Consumers that have been disconnected have the ability to request for the reconnection of their water supply outside normal working hours of the WBL; however the relevant reconnection fee will include an overtime surcharge.

On this occasion, we remind all consumers to request, the refund of their bill payment guarantee, which they initially deposited at the WBL, when they leave the premises as either owners and/or tenants.  Guarantees that remain unclaimed for a period beyond one year will be transferred in faith of the WBL.

We further remind the consumers that the offices of the WBL operate daily, except weekends and public holidays, from 7:30am to 3:00pm, while the Cashier and the Customer Service Department operate from 7:45am to 2:00pm.

WATER BOARD OF LARNAKA                                                                                      OCTOBER 2017

Invitation for blood donation 15/4/2016

The Water Board of Larnaka, is organizing blood donation on April 15, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. at the offices of the Board located at 12 Korai str., in Larnaca.

Every day dozens of fellow citizens need our blood. Their need can only be met by voluntary donations. By participating in this initiative we can individually and all together give life and hope to those in need and at the same time a lesson of humanity and solidarity.


Water Board of Larnaka
April 4 2016

New Telephone Numbers

Please be informed that the Water Board of Larnaka (LWB) as from April 4, 2016, as a result of upgrading its telephone system, has changed its telephone numbers as follows:


Main Contact Number 24200500
Management and Administration 24200509
Accounting Department 24200519
Technical Department 24200529
Direct Debits/ Discount Applications 24200535
Information Regarding Meter Reading and Size of Bill 24200536
Reconnections and Disconnections/Account Arrears/Other Account Enquiries 24200549

Report a Leak or Other Failure

IT Department 24200510

Important Announcement regarding unusually high consumptions April 2015

Dear consumers,

It has been recently observed that the hydraulic installations of the premises (water distribution pipes, irrigation systems, pools, cisterns etc.) often show damage which could result in uncontrolled water loss and the consumers have to pay abnormally high bills. Particularly common are cases of leakages not noticed in time because consumers are absent from the premises for a long time.

We remind you that the responsibility for maintaining and keeping in good condition the hydraulic installations beyond the water meter, lies entirely with the consumer. In order to prevent wastage of water and to avoid high water bills you must -

(a) ensure that all the plumbing installations after the water meter up to the point of supply of the premises to be, where feasible, above ground (visible) to promptly detect any leaks,

(b) frequently check the plumbing installations and the consumption recorded by the water meter (at least once a month), and

(c) close the water supply from the meter point and / or have the meter disconnected by the Board in cases of unoccupied premises or when the consumer is absent from the premises for a long time.

Please be informed that, in the light of the above, the Water Board has decided that it will no longer consider requests for reduction of bills in cases of unoccupied premises or when excessive consumptions (leaks) are associated with swimming pools or irrigation systems or/and in general when high consumptions are due to omissions or/and negligence or/and consumer indifference to ensure that the above water loss prevention measures are followed.

Award of Larnaca Water Board on Green Public Procurement

Within the framework of the project Buy Smart+ "Intelligent Energy Europe" of the European Commission, the Water Board of Larnaka has participated in the first contest of Green Public Procurement in Cyprus where it was awarded the Green Public Procurement Award for purchases in the category Computer Equipment and Electrical Household Appliances.

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