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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

The Larnaka Water Board (LWB) is a semi-government non-profit organization. It was established by Decree of the Council of Ministers, published in the Official Gazette on 11 March 1965, under the Water Supply (Municipal and Other Areas) Law, Cap. 350 and Article 188 of the Constitution.

The LWB carries out duties and exercises authority within the municipal boundaries of the city of Larnaka and in the tourist area of Larnaka-Dhekelia. Currently the Board employs 60 employees, operates 357 km of water supply network and provides water to 35,000 households that accounts for a population of approximately 70,000 people.

Water Supply Area

The Board water supply area includes all the area within the municipal boundaries of Larnaka, a strip of land located in the municipality of Livadia and in the communities of Voroklini and Pyla, having a width of 500 yards (457 meters) from the sea, which stretches along the coastal road of Larnaka-Dhekelia from the municipal boundaries on the north side of the city until the limits of the British Sovereign Bases Area, as well as the land where the Free Trade Zone, the Industrial Area of Aradippou and the Larnaka Municipal wholesale market are located.

The visionary objective of the Board is to gradually extend the water supply area under its responsibility, through the consolidation of the local water supply networks of neighboring regions. The gradual expansion of the water supply area, within which the Board carries out its duties and exercises authority, will ensure the further progress and development of the Board and will undoubtedly be beneficial for the neighboring municipalities and the citizens in general.

Main Activities

  1. Supply of potable water for consumption in households
  2. Water supply for industrial and commercial use
  3. Providing adequate amount of water for fire fighting
  4. Water supply to ships approaching the port of Larnaka
  5. Installation of house connections
  6. Expansion of the main water network
  7. Connections and provision of services to new plots
  8. Repair and Maintenance of the water network, house connections, water meters and machinery
  9. Maintenance and preservation of all Board facilities
  10. Measurement of water consumption
  11. Billing and Collection of Amounts due
  12. Collecting Sewerage charges on behalf of the Larnaka Sewerage and Drainage Board