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Ecological Management and Control System


The WATER BOARD OF LARNAKA (LWB) acknowledges that its activities involve interactions with the Environment and to this end Commits to undertake the necessary measures to protect the Environment, including protection from depletion of natural resources, to recognize these Interactions and the relevant threats and opportunities and to carry out all required measures within the scope of what is possible and feasible in order to Continuously Improve its Environmental Performance. Within this context, LWB is implementing an Environmental Management and Control System in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2015 and EMAS.
Specifically, LWB is committed to the following:

  • To be aware of and to fully comply with the Environmental Legislation which governs the operation of the Organization.
  • To fully comply with all the Environmental Specifications which are required or which LWB has committed to comply with.
  • To identify and evaluate the Environmental and Ecological Aspects of its activities and the relevant threats and opportunities.
  • To identify the Environmental and Ecological Impacts resulting from the Environmental and Ecological Aspects and to take the necessary measures to minimize them.
  • To monitor, manage and measure the Significant Environmental and Ecological Impacts.
  • To monitor, manage, measure, evaluate and continuously improve its environmental and ecological performance according to the set goals and objectives.
  • To determine Goals and Objectives for improving the environmental parameters.
  • To establish a mechanism for managing, reviewing, and redefining the Goals and Objectives.
  • To develop mechanisms for environmental training of its staff in the implementation of the Environmental and Ecological Management and Control System, as well as raising awareness in matters relating to environmental management, through its staff’s active participation.
  • To use key environmental indicators which allow for the comparison of the results of individual components over a number of years.
  • To assign Competent and Experienced Personnel for the execution of all tasks which affect the environment.
  • To provide the necessary resources and ensure their sustainable use for the implementation of the Environmental and Ecological Management and Control System and achievement of the Environmental Goals and Objectives.
  • To implement and continuously improve its Environmental and Ecological Management and Control System.
  • To provide suggestions to its customers on how they can support efforts for improvement of the Organisation’s environmental parameters.
  • To communicate its policy to all persons working in the Organisation or on its behalf, as well as to the public.
  • To communicate and provide information to the public through its validated environmental statement.

The WATER BOARD OF LARNAKA is an advocate for environmental protection and is committed to implementing all measures necessary to protect the environment.

Larnaka, October 2022