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Plot Divisions

In the case of an application for the supply of water to land or premises, for the water supply of which main pipeline extension or relocation is required, the applicant must:

(a) submit copies of the topographic plan, the property title, the land planning study, and the plot division license and / or building permit issued by the competent authority.

(b) pay in advance for the estimated cost for the water to be transferred to the land or premises, as required by Regulation 8, before the Board supplies the land or premises with water.

(c) pay in advance for the water supply fees corresponding to the land and/or building area, as the case may be, as required by Regulation 9, before the Board supplies the land or premises with water.

(d) undertake with his own contractor any digging and reinstatement of trenches required for the extension or relocation of the main pipeline, according to the plans, the construction details and the technical specifications set by the Board, as well as the reinstatement of roads and sidewalks, to the full satisfaction of the competent authority.

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