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Health and Safety


The LARNAKA WATER BOARD provides tο the residents of Larnaka, perhaps the most important asset (after air), water. WATER, SOURCE OF LIFE.

The LARNAKA WATER BOARD recognizes its social responsibility and feels that securing this asset cannot result in risks that can cause accidents to employees, the environment and/or third parties.

The LARNAKA WATER BOARD, recognizing the risks of its activities, adopts this Health and Safety Policy through which it aims to prevent accidents as far as reasonably possible, committing to the implementation of the following:


  • The development, deployment and implementation of a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System.
  • Compliance with the relevant legislative requirements.
  • Appropriate and adequate training/update with respect to the safety of its employees, through specialized seminars and appropriate work instructions/procedures.
  • Continuous monitoring, documentation and assessment of safety and reviewing of the Health and Safety Policy for the continuous improvement of the safety standard.
  • The provision of the necessary resources to fulfill the above.

The LARNAKA WATER BOARD (management and employees) considers that every other entity/organization which directly or indirectly is involved in the activities of the Board will comply with the requirements of this policy and of the Safety and Health Management System to the extent that it concerns them.

This Health & Safety Policy Statement, disclosable and publishable, reflects the will of the Management which is supported by the Water Board staff and by third parties staff (suppliers and contractors), ensures that the Board's activities are implemented in accordance with the specified requirements, as these are recorded in the Safety and Health Management System and in any other document referred to.