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Buildings and Installations


The privately owned (proprietary) offices of Larnaca Water Board, which were built in 1989 and expanded in 1996 with the construction of an additional floor, are located at 12 Adamantiou Korai Street in Larnaka.

On the ground floor of the building, all the operating services that come into direct and daily contact with the public, take place. The departments of Customer Service, Cashier, Billing, Water meter Recording and Chief Foreman Office are located on this floor.

On the first floor are the offices of the Financial and Technical Service Departments. On the second floor are the offices of the Manager, the Administration, the Internal Auditor and the Secretarial Department, as well as conference and training rooms. The basement of the building operates a canteen and is used for file storage, storage of stock items of first demand as well as for parking the Boards’ service vehicles.


Water Reservoirs

The main water reservoirs of the Board are located southeast of the Larnaka - Limassol road, at Klavdia village, 10km from the Larnaka city center, at an altitude of 95 m above sea level. The first water reservoirs with a capacity of 2,700 cubic meters were constructed in 1965. Later in 1974, new water reservoirs were constructed with a capacity of 8,000 m³. With the existing storage capacity of the reservoirs the Board is able to supply water to consumers for 12 consecutive hours at peak flow. The water reservoirs are guarded 24hours by the Water Board staff.

With the integration of the Municipality of Aradippou to the WBL, the Board has taken over the management of the water reservoirs within the municipal boundaries of Aradippou in the regions of Vatres, Rizoelia and Palia, which have a total storage capacity of 1.635 m3. With such a capacity the consumers of Aradippou can only be served for 4 consecutive hours. 

More recently, with the integration of the Municipality of Livadia to the WBL, the Board has also taken over the management of the water reservoirs within the municipal boundaries of Livadia of the location of Lakkos, which have a total storage capacity of 1,000 m3, while the water supply of the livestock area of Livadia is carried out through a separate reservoir located at Kuries. With such a capacity, the consumers or Livadia can only be served for 7 consecutive hours. 

In 2021, the construction of a new water reservoir in Klavdia has begun, which has a capacity of 10,000 m3. The new water reservoir is built with reinforced concrete and after its completion the consumers of Larnaca will be served for at least 24 hours, in case of supply interumption. 


The Board’s boreholes are located southwest of the water reservoirs, at the riverbed of Tremithos. In the early years of the Board, these were the only source of water supply. Gradually, the amount of water supplied from the boreholes could not keep up with the customer needs and these extra quantities needed are purchased from the Government Water Works. Depending on the yield of the boreholes, which depends on the enrichment of the groundwater aquifer, the water pumped from the boreholes can satisfy up to 35% of the demand on good raining periods or as low as 2% in drought periods.