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Bill Payments

Bills can be paid either at the Board Offices or through standing order or online (JCC Smart, direct banking). It is noted that online payments can be made up to seventy-five (75) days after the last payment date indicated on the invoice.

After the expiration of the 75 days period, bills can ONLY be paid at the Board’s offices.

The consumers are encouraged to settle their bills before the due date shown on the invoice; otherwise an additional fee of 10% on the amount due will be charged and the Water Board will cut off the water supply without further notice. For the water supply to be reestablished, an additional reconnection fee will be imposed.

The consumers are encouraged to use the automatic payment system through banks and cooperatives. Payment of bills on time exempts both the consumers and the Board from unnecessary expense and inconvenience.

Other Useful Tips

Plumbing installation maintenance

The responsibility for maintaining and keeping the pipework beyond the water meter in good condition lies entirely with the consumer, as well as the responsibility for any overconsumption and corresponding charges. In order to prevent water being wasted and to avoid high water bills, the consumers are urged to regularly check the performance of their plumbing installations and water meter.

The area around the water meter should be kept clean and free from any obstacles that would obstruct easy meter reading, otherwise the Board may proceed to an estimation of the consumption. It is strictly prohibited to interfere, move or damage the water meter or the valve on the water supply pipe.

Other information

Consumers may request to temporarily disconnect the water supply for safety reasons. In this case only the fixed charges and the disconnection and reconnection fees must be paid, as provided for in the Regulations.

If consumers no longer require the water supply to their premises or have moved or sold their premises they must inform accordingly the Board. Failure to inform the Board on time may incur additional charges to the consumer.