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We care for you

Every one hour, an analysis of the quality of water supplied is done, in order to preserve the quality of your life.

The Larnaka Water Board perhaps manages the most precious natural resource for mankind, water. The Human Resources employed by the Board recognize their responsibilities for achieving the Vision and Mission of the organization. At the heart of the organizational culture is man and the values he represents. Embedding, by all of us, the common values which must represent us and that control our actions and activities, is a critical success factor.

We feel that we represent water, a natural wealth, and all our actions identify our respect to this and the environment in general.

We act correctly, with honesty, transparency, consistency and responsibility.

We forget our ego and work for the group, showing understanding and solidarity towards the needs of others.

We act in humane manner and confidentially, whilst we face the problem directly without ignoring the bigger picture.

We implement innovations and improvements in all areas of our activities and ensure that we are always committed to our values and our strategic goals.

We apply new technologies, we continuously train our staff and we cooperate with other relevant organizations to share experiences and knowledge.

We have pride in the way we act; we take care of the health and safety of both our own and our customers, but also of the general public.

Our strategy is based on the understanding of the needs and expectations of all parties involved and of the external environment, e.g. Board, Employees, Consumers, Suppliers and Government.

For the satisfaction of our customers we are aiming to continuously provide good quality water at reasonable prices and efficient and correct services to them.

We will succeed because We Care for You!