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Great importance is given by the Board on the daily and systematic monitoring of water quality to protect the public health. According to the results of chemical and bacteriological analysis, carried out by the State General Laboratory on water samples taken by the Health Services of Larnaka from the Board’s sources, the water reservoirs and various points of consumption, water is healthy and suitable in all respects for human consumption.

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Part of the amount of water distributed through the water supply network is not recorded by the water meters of the consumers due to inaccuracies, false indications of water meters and other related causes, or even due to water losses. These losses are mainly due to leaks that cannot be detected in time or damages to the network caused by third parties.

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  • Under study is the construction of a new water reservoir of capacity 11.000m3, at the same location as the existing ones.
  • The repair and sealing of the existing Board's reservoirs in Klavdia is in progress.