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Water Supply Zones

The water supply network of Larnaca is divided in 22 water distribution Zones (DMAs), which include a new Zone that has been created at the Krassas area in Aradippou. The distribution of water through the network occurs by gravity. Each DMA is supplied with water through one point where measuring devices for flow and pressure are permanently installed. The measurements of the devices are transferred by telemetry to the central Surveillance, Control and Data Acquisition system. With the existing system we currently control the chlorination of water at the water reservoirs, the water supply to each DMA and the water pressure downstream of the pressure valves.

The water supply network of Aradippou has been divided until now into three watertight distribution zones (DMAs) while the process of further zoning is in progress. The water supply in two of the three zones occurs by gravity, while the third zone (Pascal Zone) is supplied through a pumping system.

The water supply network of Livadia has been divided into five watertight distribution zones (DMAs) and the distribution of water through the network occurs by gravity.

The distribution of water in the areas of Aradippou and Livadia is done from a point where water supply meters are installed. The Board has already advanced the necessary procedures for the installation of a telemetry and remote control system in all existing and future zones of the said areas to transmit the necessary information in real time. In addition, pressure measuring instruments will be installed at the head of each zone.

The distribution zones of the networks of Larnaca, Aradippou and Livadia can be viewed at the following Profile Map