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Disconnection and Reconnection

Disconnection and Reconnection of Water Supply

If the bill is not paid by the due date, an additional fee of 10% on the amount due will be charged and the Water Board will cut off the water supply without further notice. For the water supply to be reestablished, an additional reconnection fee will be imposed. Currently this amount is set at € 35.00 plus VAT within normal operating hours and at € 55.00 on non-normal operating hours.

If the water supply remains disconnected for more than three (3) years, for its reestablishment, the consumer must pay the fees as provided for in the Regulations for installing a water supply pipe, including the water meter, as well as the water connection fees.

Temporary Disconnection of Water Supply

Every consumer may request to have the water supply temporarily disconnected for safety reasons. In this case, only the fixed charges and the disconnection and reconnection fees must be paid, as provided for in the Regulations.

If the consumers no longer requires the water supply to their premises or have moved or sold their premises they must inform accordingly the Board. Failure to inform the Board on time may incur additional charges to the consumer.

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