Other Charges

(1) Every person, who wishes the transport of water from the main water supply pipeline of the Board to land or premises that belong to him/her or that he/she lawfully holds or elsewhere within the water supply area, must deposit to the Board an amount equal to the estimated expenditure for this transfer and reinstate to the previous situation the pipes, roads and pavements, under which water is transferred, and moreover he/she must pay 25% overhead charges:

It is understood that this estimate is carried out by the Manager of the Board or any other person authorized by him:

It is further understood that, if the estimated expenditure is less than the actual cost of the Board for the execution of the necessary work in relation to the water transfer, the applicant is obliged to pay the difference to the Board while, in the contrary, the Board is obliged to refund the difference to the applicant.

(2) Subject to the provisions of paragraph (3), the Board may approve such a transfer of water, from a point where no such main water pipeline exists, if and insofar the necessary for the transfer, main pipeline extension, is within the financial and technical capacities of the Board and the revenue expected justifies such a transfer.

(3) For the purposes of paragraph (2), the applicant shall, prior to the implementation of the approval of the Board, deposit to the Board, in addition to any amount due in accordance with paragraph (1)-

(a) financial contribution for the costs which will be incurred or suffered by the Board regarding the extension of the main pipeline, the repair of roads and pavements which were affected, and generally for all the costs, including interest, that refer to the main pipeline that is to be installed or was installed, which contribution is determined in each case by the Board or by any person authorized by the Board, based on the amount of costs and expenses of the Board and which is proportional to the area of the land that can reasonably be supplied with water from it, and

(b) connection fee with the main pipeline, which is determined by the Board or by any person authorized by it, based on the area of the land.

(4) The Board may impose and collect from the owners or holders of intermediate land, who are supplied or who apply to be supplied with water from the main pipelines referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Regulation, proportional contribution of its costs and expenses and shall return this contribution to the owner or lawful holder of the land with whose expenses the main pipeline extension was made or to the Board, depending on the situation.

(5) After five (5) years from the date of completion of the installation of the pipeline extension, the obligation to return the contribution referred to in paragraph (4) to the owner or the holder of the land, with whose expenses the pipeline extension was made, is ended:
It is understood that the contribution remains for the benefit of the Board.

(1) If a consumer disputes the accuracy of the water meter, he/she may request that the Board inspects the water meter. The customer must first deposit to the Board an amount that represents the costs of the Board to carry out the inspection, as determined by the Board from time to time. (Currently this amount is set as Euro 50, 00 plus VAT).  

(2) If the inspection conducted in accordance with paragraph (1), demonstrates that the meter is not malfunctioning, the amount deposited by the consumer is retained for the benefit of the Board.

(3) If the inspection shows that the accuracy of the meter was disrupted without tampering by the consumer and the meter recorded inaccurately by more than 5% of the normal, the Board repairs or replaces the meter, without charging the consumer and returns to him/her the deposited amount. In addition, the Board makes the corresponding adjustment to the customer bill.

(4)  In the event that the water meter has stopped recording correctly the consumption, irrespective of whether this is due to the Board’s or the consumer’s or a third person’s fault, the Board may enforce charges corresponding to the consumption of the same period of the previous year, for all the periods found that the meter has stopped.

The Water Board of Larnaka supplies water to ships and bowsers at a price and under such terms as the Board determines from time to time. From February 1st, 2010 the following apply

Selling price per cubic meter is €3,00.

Labour charge at €25,00 per hour. Out of normal working hours (daily, except weekends and public holidays, from 7:00 – 14:30) the labor charge is 1: 1 ½ hours for services offered during weekdays and 1: 2 hours for services offered during the weekends and public holidays.

The consumer may request from the Board to temporarily disconnect the water supply to its premises for safety reasons:

It is understood that, in such a case, the consumer has to pay the fix charge in accordance with the bill sent plus the amount specified in paragraph (7) of the First Table of the Board’s Regulations for the cost of disconnection and reconnection. Currently this amount is set at € 25.00 plus VAT.