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Important Announcement regarding unusually high consumptions April 2015

Dear consumers,

It has been recently observed that the hydraulic installations of the premises (water distribution pipes, irrigation systems, pools, cisterns etc.) often show damage which could result in uncontrolled water loss and the consumers have to pay abnormally high bills. Particularly common are cases of leakages not noticed in time because consumers are absent from the premises for a long time.

We remind you that the responsibility for maintaining and keeping in good condition the hydraulic installations beyond the water meter, lies entirely with the consumer. In order to prevent wastage of water and to avoid high water bills you must -

(a) ensure that all the plumbing installations after the water meter up to the point of supply of the premises to be, where feasible, above ground (visible) to promptly detect any leaks,

(b) frequently check the plumbing installations and the consumption recorded by the water meter (at least once a month), and

(c) close the water supply from the meter point and / or have the meter disconnected by the Board in cases of unoccupied premises or when the consumer is absent from the premises for a long time.

Please be informed that, in the light of the above, the Water Board has decided that it will no longer consider requests for reduction of bills in cases of unoccupied premises or when excessive consumptions (leaks) are associated with swimming pools or irrigation systems or/and in general when high consumptions are due to omissions or/and negligence or/and consumer indifference to ensure that the above water loss prevention measures are followed.