Account Settlement and Amounts Due

In order to issue a final invoice, the water meter reading must be taken either by the consumer or by the Water Board personnel. To avoid delays, consumers are encouraged to get their own readings, unless there is a difficulty. The Board will review the readings on the basis of previous consumptions. After the final invoice is issued and paid, the Board refunds the Security Deposit to the consumer, if such a deposit was made.

Water bill can be paid either at the Board’s Offices or online (JCC Smart, internet banking) even up to seventy-five (75) days after the last payment date indicated on the invoice.

This option does not remove the Board’s obligation to disconnect the water supply when it is not paid by the last payment date indicated on the invoice, and impose an additional fee of 10% on the outstanding amount, which will be included at the next water bill.

The Water Boards of Larnaka, Nicosia and Lemesos are independent organizations and as a result it is not possible to make payments against invoices issued from one Water Board through another.

Contact the Board’s Customer Service Department by phone at (+357) 24200549, or by email at, or stop by our offices with your account details for a copy of your bill.

If the water supply zone that your homestead is located has been billed but you have not yet received the water bill, or if your homestead reading has been taken by the meter reader but the bill has not yet been issued, the Board is able to give you the exact amount of your bill, which you can pay and ignore the bill statement when you receive it. If the Board does not have the above information, you can prepay a calculated amount based on your previous consumptions.

The water bills are issued by the Board and sent to the Post Office for mailing 25 days before the expiration date and the notifications 7 days before the expiration of the five-day period warning for the water supply disconnection. If you received them late or expired you must contact the Post Office.

The Board currently serves about 35,000 consumers, who are distributed in zones, so that the work of reading and billing is done gradually with the available staff. It is therefore practically impossible for all the bills to be made payable at the end of the month, without having to increase the Board’s headcount with a subsequent increase in costs, which in the end are passed onto the consumers.

You should inform the Board, by phone at (+357) 24200536, to check if the water meter referred to your bill supplies your homestead or if the water meter is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. We emphasize that, in the event that the water meter has stopped recording correctly the consumption, irrespective of whether this is due to the Board’s or the consumer’s or a third person’s fault, the Board may enforce charges corresponding to the consumption of the same period of the previous year, for all the periods found that the meter has stopped.