Apartment Building Installations

It is the difference in consumption between the total consumption recorded by the Check Meter and the total consumption recorded by the individual water meters of the apartments. Any difference recorded (due to use of water at common toilets, taps, etc. that are located after the Check Meter or due to inaccuracy of individual water meters) is shared between the apartments in proportion to their consumption.

Apartment 1 Consumption 160m3
Apartment 2 Consumption 40m3
Total consumption 200m3
Total Consumption recorded by the Check Meter 210m3
Check Meter difference 10m3
The above difference is allocated to Apartments 1 and 2, based on their consumption.
Apartment 1 = 160m3 / 200m3 times 10m3= 8m3
Apartment 2 = 40m3 / 200m3 times 10m3= 2m3

The Difference of the Check Meter is added to the consumer’s consumption and it is part of the consumer’s water bill. As a result, the payment responsibility for this charge belongs to any legal entity or any person (the consumer) who is responsible for paying the bill.

To avoid installing a separate pumping system for each apartment, the water meters are installed on the roof and controlled by a Check meter placed on the ground floor. Water in the apartment tank, is transported using a water pump system installed by the owner after the Check meter.