SEPA Direct Debit Application

In order to set up a Direct Debit you need to visit the Board’s offices and present the necessary documents. The applicant must be associated with the bank account that will be declared to be debited automatically with the water bill amount; otherwise a power of attorney must be presented by the applicant.

In case of Legal Entities, associated persons with the bank account are considered the Directors or authorized signatories of the bank account, based on a relevant bank confirmation letter, or any other representative that holds a Power of Attorney signed by a Director and legalized by a Certifying Officer.

For more information look at the following questions:
• Which documents are required for applying for a Direct Debit Order?
• If the IBAN confirmation is on a Third Party can I sign the mandate on behalf of that person?
• In case I am neither the owner nor the tenant of the premises can I sign a Direct Debit order for the specific installation?

Application by a Natural Person
• IBAN certification or Bank Statement or Savings Book
• I.D./Passport of applicant

Application by a Legal Entity
• I.D./Passport of applicant (Director or authorized person)
• Certificate of Company’s Directors or Bank Letter certifying authorized signatories
• IBAN certification or Bank Statement or Savings Book
• Company Stamp

Yes, by presenting a Power of Attorney from the Bank account holder that is legalized by a certifying officer.   A Bank Confirmation letter designating the applicant as an authorized signatory is also acceptable.

Yes, you can apply for payment, via Direct Debit, of a Third Party account (i.e. account which you are not connected with based on our data) however you have no rights to access the personal records of the Water bill account in question. A copy of the signed Direct Debit application will be provided to you.